We are developing and implementing high-end streaming solutions

At Clickme, our mission is to develop the best streaming solutions our clients can imagine. We believe that the way to achieve our mission is to work in close collaboration with our clients to fully understand their vision and business.

We offer customer-tailored streaming solutions for:

  • Live streaming where you simultaneously record and broadcast media in real time.
  • Low-latency streaming of video and audio. Where the goal is to reduce latency to provide a more interactive user experience to your audience.
  • Video on demand that allows users to access media without the constraints of a typical static broadcasting schedule.
  • WebRTC provides browsers and mobile apps with real-time communications of video, audio and arbitrary data.
  • Integration of your streaming solution with your business applications

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We are passionate about technology. We are using the latest streaming technologies to build our innovative streaming platforms and solutions. Here are just a small selection of our technological toolbox: WebRTC, Kurento, Wowza, SIP, Java, Spring, Selenium, Docker, Kubernetes